RWD |Top 5 position in the Global “Residential Design” Sector


▲ TOP 100 Giants 2018  Top 5 position in the global “Residential Design” Sector


Recently, the Interior Design Magazine has announced the results of its “2018 Top 100 Giants Research”. RWD has won the achievements as following:

*Top 68 position in the global rankings

*Top 5 position in the global “Residential Design” Sector


The Interior Design Magazine is an International leading publication. The data of research that it publishes could be used as a reliable reference to make marketing strategies in the interior design industry. Based on the research, it shows that the total design fees of 2017 hits $4.1 billion and it has a 5% increase from 2016. Besides, compared with the past decade, there is a 70% raise of the global design fees. Furthermore, Interior Design Magazine also forecast that the design fees could reach $4.4 billion in next year.



▲TOP 100 Giants 2018  68 position in the global rankings



RWD was found in 1996 and its business service has been expanded from interior design to project management as well as architectural construction optimization. RWD’s enterprise concept is to design a comfortable living space with the “TOTAL SOLUTION” concept and professional services to our clients. 

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